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Wonderful apartments for sale in complex in the northern part of Fuerteventura, a lovely place to get lost in nature. White beaches, waters with a thousand shades of blue, endless sandy dunes. The purchase of an apartment in Fuerteventura is to ensure a good profitability guaranteed, choose an apartment in a complex allows you to excel in the search for selected customers who want a long-term lease in Fuerteventura and, for Owners, pay a community property tax that includes water and light costs and a maintenance service all year round. The number of people who choose Fuerteventura as their home rises from year to year, raises the tourist occupation and Hotel chains look for beds for their employees; That is to say good tenants and, many times, the same hotels that guarantee the payment of the rent. Investments for all wallets, a guaranteed minimum profitability that no bank can guarantee today.

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