Houseinfuerte cares not only for giving an excellent customer service but also for providing objective and well-informed advice, always putting the interests of our clients over ours. More than 10 years of experience in the real estate sector.
Sell your property faster and safer.

When selling a property it is important to have a professional agency.

We specialize in providing personalized advice to clients who want to sell their property at a fair market price and in the shortest possible time.


  1. Professional property management for long-term lets
  2. Professional property management for holiday lets
  3. Drawing up contracts
  4. Rent collection
  5. Photographic / interior decoration / decorating services



  1. Professional evaluation of properties
  2. Photographic / decorating services
  3. Advertising of properties in newspapers / local and international websites
  4. Search for international clients
  5. Drawing up contracts
  6. Consultancy at Notary Public Office


  1. Consulting and market research
  2. Selection of real estate and price comparison
  3. Verification of situation of real estate and land / control of activities (Cadastre Office, Land Registry Office, Mercantile Registry, Tax Authorities)
  4. Legal advice
  5. Tax consulting
  6. Sales-related procedures
  7. Interpreters
  8. Consultancy at Notary Public Office
  9. After-sale assistance
  10. Real estate management


  1. Application for Holiday Rental licences
  2. N.I.E. (Spanish Foreigner’s ID No.)
  3. Opening of current bank accounts
  4. Pensions / A.I.R.E
  5. Translation of documents
  6. Incorporation / registration of companies
  7. Consulting and incorporation of ZEC companies
  8. Tax consultancy and Corporate Tax
  9. Bank loans and mortgages
  10. Preparation of official real estate plans
  11. Procedures with Cadastre Office / Land Registry Office
  12. Maintenance
  13. Professional plumbing works
  14. Professional renovation works

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